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Did you know that granite is second in hardness only to diamonds?

Formed by exposing quartz, feldspar, and mica to unimaginably hot temperatures, all granite originated as a molten flowing material similar to lava. Once cooled, its composition makes it invincible to blistering, cracking and scorching. The high-gloss finish of granite will never diminish and makes it nearly effortless to maintain, requiring just warm water and a soft cloth to retain its rich luster. No wonder that it is perhaps the most popular choice of material for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities today in both residential and commercial settings.

Completely Unique

The natural color variations and surface characteristics of granite mean that each and every slab is utterly unique. While this is certainly a big part of its appeal, it also means that the process of selecting the granite finish that will best complement your décor and specific application can be a daunting process. Many homeowners are also reluctant to consider granite as an option for countertops due to its reputation as one of the most expensive materials.

Add Value & Durability

Fortunately for Connecticut homeowners, Affordable Granite is a trusted local company on a mission to make granite, as well as marble and quartz countertops, both accessible and amazingly affordable! With access to the industry’s most well-established and trusted suppliers, we can help you choose from a vast selection of options to find the look and design that will take your decor to the next level of elegance. With a proven ability to lend an air of luxury and beauty to any room, granite and other stone countertops will also add significant and lasting value to your property.

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So don’t put off your dreams of beautifying your space with the incomparable elegance of granite any longer! Get in touch with Affordable Granite and find out why we’re becoming the leading local experts that Connecticut residents know and trust for making their visions of granite an affordable reality.

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