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At Affordable Granite, we pride ourselves on our proven ability to offer stunning granite installations to grace any room of your home.

The kitchen and bathroom are undoubtedly the most popular room choices, where granite is favored by many homeowners as a durable, functional, and visually breathtaking surface for countertops, islands, and vanities. But it would be a shame to update these spaces with a stunning and unique granite surface that you have carefully chosen, only to have the final effect marred by a sink that has seen better days.

Design Expertise

That’s why we provide our customers with access to a comprehensive range of sinks in practically every style and shape imaginable. After hundreds of kitchen and bathroom projects, we’ve developed a talent for knowing what looks good (and what doesn’t) that enables us to guide homeowners to selecting a sink that fits within their budget and will perfectly complement the other decorative and functional features and elements in their rooms.

Wide Variety of Sink Options

Sinks today have come a long way, and there is a bigger selection of styles and materials to choose from than ever before. For the kitchen, stainless steel is an enduring choice, particularly undermount sinks, where the edge lip of a sink is mounted below the countertop to create an uncluttered appearance and a continuous visual flow from surface to sink. Although undermounts are particular well-suited for use with granite—due to its strength for supporting the weight of the sink beneath it—proper installation is crucial to ensuring a tight, lasting seal and preventing leakage. After hundreds of such installations, we can guarantee a seamless installation and, unlike most of our competitors, we do not charge an extra fee for the process of cutting the granite to accommodate the sink.

Complete Range of Services

In addition to a huge selection of kitchen sinks including zero radius, low divide, and popular apron farm sinks, we also offer a tempting variety of porcelain sinks that can provide the ideal finishing touch to your guest or master bath and are available in numerous shapes and colors.

Whether you’re in need of a single sink installation or want to find an innovative and attractive sink style to complement your new countertop or vanity, Affordable Granite makes it both easy and—of course—affordable! Get in touch with us today for more details on our incredible pricing and proven installation methods.